Best Shoes For Walking In Sand

Best Shoes For Walking In Sand

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The best shoes for walking in sand are comfortable and durable. They should provide a lot of support, as well as provide traction. Finding breathable shoes to keep your feet cool during your walk is also essential.

Some of the best shoes for walking on the beach are sandals, which offer a lot of support and have a thick sole that provides traction. Flip-flops are also great for walking in the sand because they have a thin sole that allows you to feel what is underneath you while providing some comfort.

What features and qualities must it possess to assist you with this choice? We have listed some of the most.

What works best for us in sand-walking footwear

  • durable and comfortable shoe materials
  • A sole that is supportive, flexible, and essential traction.
  • Fabric that breathes well to keep feet dry.
  • a sturdy elastic material to fend off sharp edges
  • Portable and waterproof
  • Sand cannot become trapped between the foot and the shoes due to shoe form.
  • Have a firm grasp
  • supple for all motions
  • simple to wash
  • Simple to put on and take off

Flip-Flop (Not Recommended)

The most popular type of footwear for walking on the beach is a pair of flip-flops. But they are only suitable for short walks; if you intend to take a longer stroll, it’s possible that your feet will tire out quickly and that you will begin to experience discomfort in the space between your toes.

Water Sandals (can be a substitute)

Water sandal is a good choice when you want your feet to feel comfortable on a hot weather vacation. It’s lightweight and flexible for all movements. The sandal has a secure grip on your foot and is safer than a flip-flop.

Water Shoes (Recommended)

Aqua shoe Sand is not easy to walk on, but water shoes may make the experience more pleasant and comfortable. They have incredibly flexible, light, supportive soles with excellent traction on the sand.


Dreamcity Men Water Shoes is a company that produces sandshoes for beach activities. These shoes are perfect for the beach because they are water-resistant and have a good grip on the ground, so people can play Frisbee or any other beach activities without worrying about slipping.

These shoes are perfect for men who love to go to the beach. They have all the features a person needs in sandshoes for beach activities like playing Frisbee or other outdoor activities on the shoreline.

When it comes to foot comfort, these sandals are the best.

This is a pair of strappy and supportive sandals approved by the APMA. They have a water-resistant outsole, which will keep your feet dry when you need to walk in the rain. They also have a cushioned footbed for comfort and an adjustable strap for stability.

The best thing about these sandals is that they are perfect for any terrain. They have an adjustable heel strap that will accommodate your foot and keep them in place. The outsole is water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about the rain ruining your day.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and solid
  • Waterproof and Breathable material
  • You are not permitted to sand caught in your feet
  • Give uncommon foothold sand and dangerous surface
  • Launderable
  • Simple to take off and put on
  • Sole can gather stones
  • The shoe underside can add additional load to our feet by holding mud


The UBFEN water shoes are designed for the beach, pool, and water activities. They are comfortable and lightweight with a soft rubber sole. The upper is made of high-quality materials that can resist abrasion and is easy to clean.

UBFEN water shoes are perfect for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, diving, boating, or just lounging at the beach. It is also great for people with sensitive feet or who need to wear orthotics because it accommodates any size of shoe insert.

We recommend these shoes to anyone looking for comfortable water shoes that can be worn all day without worrying about getting wet or dirty.

Pros & Cons

  • Mesh upper is lightweight and breathable
  • Open-heel design for easy water drainage
  • Straps provide excellent support and fit
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole provides excellent grip on wet surfaces

  • Sole may wear quickly if used extensively on land

A Leader

A leader is a brand that specializes in water shoes. The company was founded in 2009 and had been making quality water shoes ever since.

The company offers a wide variety of water shoes for different purposes. They have models for hiking, fishing, boating, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. They also have models designed to be worn as casual shoes or to the gym.

These sneakers are so light that you frequently only feel like you are wearing socks. However, they are only suitable for long treks as they need to provide appropriate foot support. However, they are excellent for water sports and sand walks, and what’s even better is that they are reasonably priced.

Pros & Cons

  • Good grip on slippery surfaces
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable
  • No arch support


WateLves are water shoes you can use for walking in water and on land. They are also suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

These highly comfortable rubber soles, made with great attention to detail, offer the utmost flexibility for all movements. There is additional padding for maximum comfort, and a toe guard will shield your toes from any sharp objects or uneven surfaces you may encounter on the beach.

Pros & Cons

  • WateLves provide a comfortable, barefoot feeling because they have an open design.
  • They are lightweight, so you won’t feel their weight when walking or running in them.
  • The upper part is made from neoprene, a waterproof material that will keep your feet dry when it rains, or there’s a lot of water on the ground.
  • The soles of the shoes have a grip that helps you to walk on slippery surfaces such as wet rocks or sand without slipping.
  • An adjustable strap is also at the back to ensure they fit securely on your feet and don’t fall off while wearing them.
  • They take some time to get used to because they feel different than regular

JIASUQI Summer Beach Swim Water Shoes Socks for Everyone

Sand becoming caught between their shoes and feet irritates certain people. However, they want to enjoy beach activities like volleyball, boating, yoga, and fishing. Choose this pair of shoes if you fall into that category.

It comprises a thin, elastic cloth that fits snugly around your feet and prevents the stand from getting between them and your shoes. Additionally, the flexible material is incredibly comfortable and easy to put on and take off for wearers. Its rubber sole has a distinctive texture, offering crucial gripping on the muddy, damp surface.

Thanks to the smooth collar and top breathable material, your feet will dry out more rapidly. Furthermore, you feel like you are wearing nothing because they are light and comfortable. Last but not least, all sizes and colors are offered for these shoe pairs.

Pros & Cons

  • Reasonably Priced
  • Lightweight and cozy
  • Simple to clean
  • Simple to put on and take off
  • Avoid letting sand go in between your shoes and feet.
  • supple for all motions
  • Sand will provide the necessary traction
  • Strong and impermeable
  • Ineffective on rocky beaches
  • A sharp edge breaks the fabric.
  • Some persons who have tiny feet experience sizing issues.

 Crocs Men Swiftwater Mesh Sandals

Men’s Crocs When it’s hot outside, and you desire your feet to be comfy, Swiftwater mesh sandals are a good option. The Crocs sandal is incredibly grippy on the sand, comfortable, and breathable. Because of its layout, we may move freely. It works well on rocky beaches.

The footbed of this thin, synthetic shoe is covered in massage balls. These massage balls provide comfort for your feet by relieving pressure on the ground. Its sturdy, spacious sole also has an exceptional grip in the sand.

Soft, light, and made entirely of cloth, the mesh diverts water away and maintains a healthy shoe environment. Mesh does not make your feet heavier by soaking water. An adjustable magic strip is provided on the mesh upper for optimal fit. However, it makes it possible for sand to slip between your shoe and foot.

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable
  • a slip-resistant outsole that allows for free movement
  • lightweight design that conforms to your foot
  • water-resistant design that is ideal for the rocky beach
  • easy to remove and put on.
  • Allows sand to get between your shoes and foot
  • Pebbles can get into your boots and kick them up
  • An insect can bite you

Speedo Men’s Surf Walker 3.0 Water Shoes

Because it is one of the most water-friendly shoes, professional swimmers primarily wear Speedo surf walkers. It boasts a flexible and light sole that provides good underfoot protection. The Speedo surf walkers are the perfect shoes for rocky beaches because of these characteristics. It’s also appropriate for the pool and a boat.

Under the foot, the Speedo synthetic outsole incorporates drainage pores. Because they are small, they just let water out while keeping pebbles from kicking into the shoes. The S-tac outsole provides a non-slip grip. Your feet will dry out more rapidly thanks to the sole’s breathability.

These shoes are also appropriate for lengthy hikes, and because of how comfortable they are, you can wear them all day. Additionally, your feet will stay dry because these shoes include quick-drying hydrophobic mesh uppers. Overall, this is a fantastic pair at more than a reasonable cost.

Pros & Cons

  • Mesh, stretchable, and snug upper fit
  • a quick-drying substance
  • sole with s-tac. Make it non-slip
  • Permit unrestricted mobility both inside and outside of water.
  • Avoid letting sand get between your shoes and feet.
  • Don’t let a rock get lodged in your insole.
  • not recommended for people with wide feet;
  • difficult to put on because of the small opening

Wave Runner Water Shoes for Sand

These sand-friendly shoes from Wave Runner have unique qualities that will make your seaside strolls enjoyable and comfortable. This pair features an elastic, non-slip mesh material around the foot, and the entire shoe is remarkably light and comfortable.

This shoe’s extraordinarily thick and anti-skid outsole significantly increases its entire lifespan. Another excellent addition is the outlet hole sole, which keeps your feet as dry as possible and is essential for this shoe.

The fact that this methodology will guarantee you have a firm foundation is another fantastic development. You won’t have to worry about slipping off your feet on slick and uneven surfaces. Blisters are also a thing of the past because of how pleasant they are. Given all the qualities they have and the low price, these sneakers are worth looking into.

Pros & Cons

  • For improved grip,
  • the sole is thick but very flexible.
  • It is lightweight, comfortable,
  • easy to put on and take off.
  • Pebbles may become lodged in the sole holes,
  • resulting in inadequate foot support.

SUOKENI Quick Drying Slip-On Water Shoes for Beach

Suokeni quick-drying water shoes are a great choice of footwear for the beach because they are made to withstand water, sand, and other elements. They are a product from the Suokeni store, and you may pick from 25+ different hues.

These shoes will be perfect if you spend several hours walking along the lake, river, or beach. The soles’ construction rapidly eliminates sand and water from them. They are also incredibly light and comfy, so you may wear them for hours without experiencing foot pain.

With this model, flexible, flimsy water shoes are a thing of the past because they have structure and support to meet all your needs for beach walks. Even better, they’re not too expensive and have a tremendous price-to-value ratio, which is something that everyone wants these days.

Pros & Cons

  • They have a very soft texture
  • and come in 27 different color options.
  • They are versatile
  • and can be worn in and out of the water.
  • They have a top-notch sole.
  • After a while, they begin to rub.

Voovix Water Shoes for Men and Women

Voovix Water shoes are suitable for both men and women. For outdoor sports like swimming, cycling, jogging, weight training, fishing, walking, beach basketball, etc., it’s one of the best shoe pairs to wear.

It is intended to fix the water drainage problem and keep feet dry. To save a comfortable shoe environment, seven perforations in the shoe’s sole ensure that water and sweat flow out efficiently. The flexible, soft rubber sole is breathable and a mild shock absorber. Proper ventilation in the sole is especially crucial for traction on the muddy, slippery surface.

Additionally, Voovix Water shoes are simple to clean. Simple to put on and take off. It is simple to pack and carry due to the sole’s small weight and flexibility. Voovix is the ideal footwear for walking in the sand.

Pros & Cons

  • bendable and strong material
  • Breathable
  • Portable and waterproof
  • Excellent grip on the slick terrain
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Allows for freedom of movement
  • Inside, the holes are unsettling.
  • Uncomfortable standing on sharp rocks

Things to Consider Before Buying Shoes for Walking in Sand and Beach

When you put on your shoes, the most important thing is to keep your feet dry and comfortable. When submerged in water, it’s critical to find a shoe with good arch support and a top that prevents water from entering.

Sand is challenging to walk on. If you don’t wear the right shoes, it can be uncomfortable and cause blisters. Because sand moves differently than other types of terrain, you’ll need to adjust your walking style accordingly. So that you don’t have to worry about it anymore, we’ve put together this guide on selecting the best shoes for walking in the sand!

 1. Breathability

Even though walking on the beach near the water, your feet will still heat up, making the entire experience significantly more uncomfortable. To avoid this, choose footwear made of breathable materials to allow for adequate airflow, keep your feet dry, and remain comfortable.

  2. Material

The choice of material is crucial since it will eventually affect how comfortable you wear the shoe. Ensure the shoes you buy are constructed of sturdy materials that are pleasant to wear and won’t readily wear out.

 3. Water Resistance

You should consider getting a pair of shoes made of porous material if thinking about wet shoes makes you feel bad. Your feet will always remain dry because this material allows water to evaporate effectively. Choosing shoes with drainage holes to remove moisture from your feet is another great option.

  4. Fit

It would be best to get a glove-like fit from every pair of shoes, regardless of their use. If your shoes don’t fit right, you’ll be in a lot of pain and have difficulty doing something that should be fun and relaxing instead.

  5. Lightweight

It is essential that your feet feel as though you are wearing almost nothing at all because walks on a beach should be fun and carefree. Additionally, heavy shoes will increase resistance when walking on sand and quickly tire you out. Because of this, you should select footwear that is as light as possible.

  6. Good Cushioning

Sand absorbs a lot of stress; therefore, wearing shoes with lots of cushioning is crucial. Your feet will be secure, and you will be at ease while walking on sand if the midsole is well-cushioned and shaped.

  7. Flexibility

Another essential factor to think about while purchasing beach shoes is the flexibility of the shoe, which is necessary for stress-free mobility. You can move effortlessly and carelessly on the sand when your shoes are flexible because you entirely forget about them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do water shoes work?

Water shoes are a need for everyone who wishes to keep their feet dry because they are waterproof and slip-resistant. They come in various forms, including sandals, moccasins, and bluchers, and are also incredibly lightweight. With them, you won’t have to worry about having wet feet or slipping on slippery surfaces.

2. Can I use a washing machine to clean my beach shoes?

The shoe’s model is used to determine everything. Before washing your shoes, it’s crucial to verify the manufacturer’s instructions and confirm that the item is machine-washable. If you don’t, your boots can sustain permanent harm.

3. Which kind of shoes are best for the beach?

Although all the styles we’ve listed today are appropriate for the beach, platform sandals are the best option because they’re cozy, chic, and current. They effectively shield your feet from the heat of the sand and prevent sand pebbles from getting caught between your toes.

4. How should I remove the sand from my shoes?

There are numerous approaches you can take here. The shoes can be beaten together, which is one of the simplest methods, and frequently enough, the sand will fall off. They can also be submerged in water or cleaned with a pressure hose. A hand vacuum will also work, but you may also use baby powder, a different method for getting rid of sand.

5. Is walking on the beach barefoot harmful to your feet?

Not necessary, as barefoot walking has many health advantages, including improved stress management and cardiovascular health. On the other hand, wearing no shoes for extended periods can harm and injure your feet.

6. Are water shoes comfortable?

They can be incredibly comfortable if you research and pick your water shoes wisely. They not only feel secure on your feet but also shield you from the debris that is frequently found near the water.


I’ve narrowed down the top seven shoes for walking in sand thanks to my study, personal experience, and reviews from the general public. These goods all have essential characteristics that the ideal shoe for sand ought to have.

However, the activities we plan for the sand beach or desert will determine our requirements for the shoe. Therefore, you can select the best pair after going through it.

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